She crossed the street in a hurry, trying to be invisible. The pub was a few meters away and her heart had already started the escape route, wanting to get out through her mouth. Suddenly, she saw him. Leaning with one foot on the wall, he had one hand in his pocket and the other on the phone. She slowed down the rhythm and mentally thanked the technology, which would make him focus on something else while she walked towards him. When she was less than a meter away, he looked up and recognised her. He smiled. She did too. They talked for a few minutes, laughed, but it was impossible to concentrate, in fact. The anxiety and anticipation there was almost palpable. Her body could feel a slight electric shock every time they touched each other by accident and she had to make an enormous effort not to grab him every time a cute dimple appeared in his cheek. Finally he seemed to have heard her thoughts, already too loud, and invited her to go somewhere else. Taxi, elevator, doors, clothes thrown, sighs, touches, synchrony. She had found a small infinite in that time and space. His eyes were a mix of blue and green, and seemed able to see her right through. In the middle of a flood of feelings coming to the surface, she decided to leave before she got stuck forever in the knot of his arms. But it was already too late. On the way back home, she realised: she had forgotten her own heart on his bed.


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