I know it can be hard to believe sometimes, but you will find love again. And this time, I hope you are loved back the way you deserve.

I hope that someone loves you as deep and passionate as you are. With the same intensity you do. With the same affection you give.

I hope that someone loves you so attentively that your whole being is seen. That no detail is ignored. That no scar is left unnoticed.

I hope that someone loves everything about you that others didn't appreciate. So no laugh can feel too loud. So no traits can feel too foolish.

I hope that someone loves you so closely that they can see the constellations in your eyes. Read the novels written on your skin. Navigate the oceans in your soul.

And I hope that this time someone loves you whole, holding you so tight that all your broken pieces will finally stick back together.


It was a curious mix of feelings. She felt comfortable enough around him, but at the same time timid in a way that she couldn't explain – nor control, as the smile would just keep coming to the surface. "Maybe that was how the 'butterflies in the stomach' sort of thing used to be", she thought. It had been such a long time since anyone made her feel anything that she just forgot how it was. He put his arm around her, and being that close made her notice for the first time that his eyes were like blue diamonds. The sunlight reflected on them, and she wondered if he knew that the sun wasn't the only thing shining bright that day.


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