How long does it take to forget someone? To forget their eyes, and the way they used to look at you. To forget their lips, and the way they were so soft when they kissed you. To forget their smile, their funny faces, the lines of their features that you traced with your fingers so many times. To forget their voice that you loved so much to hear, and all the sweet things they once told you. To forget how it was to be embraced by them and the way their warmth felt like home. To forget the touch of their skin, to forget their scent, to forget the way you felt at peace for just being beside them. Or... perhaps we don't. Perhaps we can't really forget them, not entirely. Perhaps we only get used to things. To their absence, to those random thoughts about our moments together, to the new life without them. Perhaps we believe that adapting is somehow forgetting. And that one day they'll become like those scars we bring along from childhood: the memory of how we got them are not so vivid anymore, but they're a part of us that will stay forever.


I miss you. Every fucking single day. Time passes by, but nothing seems to change. You're still my first thought when I wake up in the morning, and the last one before I fall asleep at night. And I hate myself for that. I hate myself for thinking about you and missing you, when I shouldn't. After everything that happened, I just wish I could forget you.

But it's like if you're impregnated under my skin and no matter how hard I wash it and scrub it, it just doesn't go away.

Sometimes I have the bad luck of encountering someone wearing your cologne on the street, when entering a store or during my commute to work. It's sudden, like if you had just passed by me. And it's awful, 'cause a simple smell can bring everything up and hurts a fucking lot. After all, you can't put your arms around a scent, you can't touch a memory.


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